Easily create your own webpage for any tweet

Sometimes you just need to do it yourself.

You're not a blogger, you don't want to put up a website. All you want is a web page to provide extra information about a topic. And to associate it with a tweet.

You can create a page like the examples below in under 5 minutes.

Some Examples

URL Description
Hospital vaccinated our newborn without permission The hospital vaccinated our newborn without our permission! Is this legal? What is Hepatitis B and why would my newborn baby be at risk?
Hypotonia following vaccination Since her 2 month shots her muscles are floppy and she is struggling to lift her neck. Doctor concerned but says its not vaccines, but could it be?
Can Prevnar cause pneumonia? Dear NVIC, my daughter was healthy, then developed pneumonia 5 days after Prevnar. Can this vaccine cause pneumonia? Our doctors say no.

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