Build a massive knowledge-base with Autovist

The first rule of effective online activism is to be able to draw upon a large knowledge-base. Most of the time, this exists only in our heads, which puts a huge burden on our time and attention.

Your mind is for having ideas, not for holding them... Because of the way the mind developed, it is brilliant at recognition, but terrible at recall.

– Getting Things Done by David Allen, page 371 (chapter 14, revised edition 2015)

Autovist makes it easy to build a massive knowledge-base via small daily actions.

Let’s walk through an example of @VaxCalc’s daily knowledge-base building routine, which has built up our vaccine educational knowledge-base to more than 1,100 hand-crafted tweets that are in continual hourly random rotation.

The best knowledge-bases are filled with your foundational knowledge: facts, typically backed up by a URL for more detailed information and perhaps decorated with pertinent pictures, that will still be important, relevant and true in 5, 10, even 20 years out.


The above hand-crafted tweet took about 30 minutes to create when you consider reading the article, identifying an important fact, finding pictures that would add visual meaning, and then posting it.

Without Autovist, that tweet, and the 30 minutes it took to create, are lost forever. Once broadcast on Twitter, very few followers will see it; usually, just a paltry 5 percent.

Fast forward to the next day. During the night while you’re sleeping, Autovist is cranking away, looking for new tweets you’ve posted. It finds them, imports them into your knowledge-base, and sends you an email asking you which ones you’d like to activate. The email provides brief guidance on how to select a tweet for your knowledge-base along with an estimate of how much time it will probably take:


A Heavy Rotation tweet will be posted once or twice a day at random times for a week and then is moved into regular rotation, which depends upon the number of tweets you have. If you have 720 in your knowledge-base, each tweet will be broadcast about once a month. (Why is regular, random broadcasting essential?)

After adding the tweet to Heavy Rotation, Autovist begin broadcasting it, tracking RTs and clicks.

Few days later

That’s it. In just minutes a day, you can build your massive knowledge-base and have Autovist broadcast it relentlessly.

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