Activist Power Tool: Broken URL notification

Isn't just awful when a great link you've been sharing breaks? Perhaps the content has been removed or the website has been reorganized. As busy online activists, we don't have the time to check all the links we share. Especially when we use Autovist and have thousands of tweets in our knowledge-base, checking links becomes unmanageable.

Before Autovist broadcasts a tweet for you, it extracts the URL and makes sure that it still works. Upon finding a broken link, Autovist immediately emails you, like this:


If it's time to retire the tweet because it's no longer so relevant, or you just don't want the tweet to be broadcast again until you fix it - no worries! Autovist has already de-activated it for you.

Concerning the above tweet, it's one of @VaxCalc's oldest and most important because of the source: CHE is a reputable, scientific, grassroots, cross-discipline collaborative.

At first, my reaction was: "Oh No! This is a very important resource!" But then I went and checked the CHE website and discovered that it was just reorganized (which broke all old links). Whew!

This is really good news because the tweet is SO old that it was created when Twitter did not support images. So its time to drop this tweet and create a brand new one with an attention-grabbing, informative picture.

Here's the new tweet (created via the Twitter web client):

Che form

Next, Autovist automatically imports the tweet and then relentlessly broadcasts it.

Autovist is always doing its best to make sure that everything works: saving you time, hassle and improving your reputation for reliability.

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