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Easily manage, organize and automate thousands of tweets... #AndSoMuchMore

Autovist is built upon 6 best-practices of effective online activism

1. Build a massive knowledge-base

Activists spend years learning the details of what they are passionate about. Autovist helps you build a massive knowledge-base to share with the world.

Some of the Autovist knowledge-base building & sharing features include:

Automatic import of your tweets from any device, any Twitter client (use the tools you are best at using)
Simple daily email to rapidly approve & classify each imported tweet
Your own database of tweets, backed up daily (never again worry about losing your tweets due to censorship)
Powerful search
Total control over imports: turn on/off whenever you want
Build your own learning: keep important notes with each tweet
Easily create your own webpage for any tweet

2. Broadcast relentlessly, effortlessly

Instead of being a wasteful use-once and toss it away blip, each tweet can be an investment that is used again and again and again, continually reaching new people over a period of years. Small things, done consistently, create major impact.

Some of the Autovist effortless broadcasting features include:

Random broadcasts of your knowledge-base once an hour at random times within the hour
Foundational knowledge broadcasts
Easy, total control over broadcasting: turn off / on whenever you want
Heavy rotation tweets (your most important messages repeated daily)
Detailed history for each tweet
Scheduled tweets with expiration dates
Track URL clicks for each broadcasted tweet

3. Become a prodigious, rapid-response curator

One of our most important jobs as online activists is to serve the public by not allowing truth to be disappeared. Autovist helps us preserve the truth by building a database of tweets and keeping critical archives in reserve, easily accessed when needed.

Some of the Autovist rapid-response curator features include:

Store archive URLs with each tweet
Autovist finds broken URLs and immediately alerts you

4. Know your results & your network

Use your Autovist Dashboard to see, on one screen, your follower and retweet growth over months and years, your URL clicks per tweet and in total, your most popular tweets and best retweeters.

Some of the Autovist Dashboard features include:

Follower and retweet growth statistics so you can watch rate of growth changes over months and years
Most popular recent tweets
Most popular tweets past 7, 30, 90, 180, 360 days
Most popular tweet of all time
Best Retweeters past 7 days (by RT-count and follower count)
Best Retweeters of all time (by RT-count and follower count)
Real-time graph of daily URL clicks generated by your tweets
Most popular tweets - by URL clicks - very important difference

5. Take total control of your content

Twitter is a great broadcast platform for grassroots news and activism. However, Twitter can suspend your account at anytime and you lose everything - without warning. As Twitter struggles for profitability, they might become more like mainstream media, courting corporate dollars by censoring dissenting voices. This is a big risk that we cannot afford to take.

With Autovist, you retain control of your content. No need for backup accounts. The countless hours you put into creating your knowledge-base will never be lost.

6. Experiment with new ways to communicate.

Decentralized platforms and bots are already here. Autovist gives you a head-start with built-in support for Telegram.

Autovist™ Pricing

Autovist™ offers a simple $49/month plan with a 60 day, no questions asked 110% money back guarantee.

If you are a passionate online activist and have an educational message for the public, Autovist might be for you. Join our mailing list today to receive an invitation for membership during our periodic openings for new members.


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